Adulthood: Tuition Treadmill and Ends

adulthood: But, a new set of financial skills are required to thrive in adulthood, according to The Toronto Star. Getting a handle on your money after graduation will make you financially resilient, create choices for your future and make you a much happier person. For the past four to six years, a solid majority have been on a tuition treadmill and scraping by to make ends meet. Here are seven smart money moves you can make as a new graduate that will drastically improve your finances. So, whether you're lucky and already have a great job, or if you're still looking for employment, continue to apply the frugal skills you learned while you were a student. Budgeting is a skill you'll need for your lifetime and effective budgeting means that you spend only what you make David Franklin / Dreamstime Don't stop living frugal It might surprise you to learn that frugality, which means stretching your dollars as far as they can go, is cited as one of the top skills self-made-millionaires use to build wealth. ( As reported in the news.

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