Alliance: Class and Senators

alliance: The proposed legislation would see all see candidates, elected MPs and Senators only book economy class airfares for domestic flights of two hours or less paid for with taxpayer funds, according to Nine News Australia. Centre Alliance Senate candidate Skye Kakoschke-Moore launched her Business Class Boycott Campaign on Sunday. To improve your experience update it here News NationalSA push to cut MPs' business class travel By AAP11 24am May 12, 2019Facebook Tweet MailA South Australian Senate candidate is pushing to end business class travel on short-haul domestic flights. If elected, Ms Kakoschke-Moore wants all federal candidates to commit. In 2018 nearly 12 million was spent on domestic airfares by federal politicians, Ms Kakoschke-Moore said. She said the common sense move would save taxpayers millions of dollars. ( As reported in the news.

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