Botswana Ambassador: Botswana and China

botswana ambassador: Chinese enterprises are undoubtedly playing an important role to help the southern African country achieve this goal, according to Global Times China. Latest data shows that the bilateral trade volume between China and Botswana in 2017 reached 267 million. Photo Xing Xiaojing/GT Editor's Note Botswana has regarded the pursuit of economic interest as its top priority in recent years. However, the Diamond Kingdom is obviously not satisfied with this figure and wants to expand trade. What is your top priority as the Botswana Ambassador to China Palai I have worked in the UN Office on behalf of Botswana for six years and then became the Botswana Ambassador to China in 2017. Global Times reporter Xing Xiaojing GT talked to Botswana's Ambassador to China Mothusi Palai Palai on economic cooperation, potential investment opportunities, the Belt and Road Initiative BRI and more. ( As reported in the news.

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