Dressings: Food Colourings and Lollies

dressings: It's commonly found in products like chewing gum, toothpaste, mayonnaise, dressings and some lollies, according to Nine News Australia. Unlike other food colourings, which are chemical based, 171 contains nanoparticles. To improve your experience update it here News National Food additive found in 1000 supermarket products could have 'substantial and harmful influence on human health By Kate Creedon Reporter6 34pm May 13, 2019Facebook Tweet Mail An additive found in nearly 1000 supermarket products may have a substantial and harmful influence on human health according to Sydney researchers. 171 - also known as titanium dioxide - is a colouring used give a white, opaque or cloudy effect or a solid coating. Nanoparticles are microscopic particles found in all sorts of products, like scratchproof sunglasses, car paint, some sunscreens and medicines. We've been exposed to nanoparticles all our lives, however we are sort of entering the stage where we are over-exposed, he told 9 NEWS. Researchers at the University of Sydney say the consumption of nanoparticles have been linked to auto-immune disease, asthma, allergies and reproductive issues. 9news They should be aware of the potential risk associated with these products and maybe when possible limit the consumption of these products. Almost 1000 supermarket products contain 171, also known as titanium oxide, which contains nanoparticles. 9news A study by researchers from the University of Sydney, published today in Frontiers in Nutrition, found 171 can impact the gut microbiota and could lead to inflammatory bowel diseases or colorectal cancer . Co-lead author Associate Profession Wojciech Chrzanowski says consumption of nanoparticles have also been linked to auto-immune disease, asthma, allergies and reproductive issues. (news.financializer.com). As reported in the news.

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