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page: Once Optimize is // loaded it will call this function, which will remove the 'async-hide' // class from the html element, causing the page to become visible again. h.end i function s.class Name ' y '' ; ; // Initalizes the data Layer as an empty array if it's not already initialized // and assigns the passed Optimize container object to the data Layer's 'hide' // property, according to MSNBC. This makes the function defined above accessible globally at the // path so it can be called by Optimize. a n a n .hide h; // Creates a timeout that will call the page-showing function after the // timeout amount defaulting to 4 seconds in the event that Optimize has // not already loaded. Once Optimize is ready or 4 seconds has passed the class is removed from the html element and the page becomes visible again. param Window a The global object. param HTMLHtml Element s The html element. param string y The name of the class used to hide the html element. param string n The name of property that references the data Layer object. param number c The max time in milliseconds the page will be hidden. param Object h An object whose keys are Optimize container IDs. param undefined i unused parameter . param undefined d unused parameter . param undefined e unused parameter . / function a, s, y, n, c, h, i, d, e // Adds a class defaulting to 'async-hide' to the html element. s.class Name ' ' y; // Keeps track of the exact time that the snippet executes. h.start 1 new Date; // Creates a function and assigns it to a local variable 'i' as well as // the 'end' property of the Optimize container object. This ensures your page will not stay hidden in the // event that Optimize takes too long to load. var timer Id set Timeout function i ; h.end null; c ; h.timeout c; window, // The initial value for local variable 'a'. // The initial value for local variable 's'. 'async-hide', // The initial value for local variable 'y'. 'data Layer', // The initial value for local variable 'n'. 4000, // The initial value for local variable 'c'. 'GTM-K7MVLQC' true // The initial value for local variable 'h'. ; ga 'require', 'GTM-K7MVLQC' ; window.tdb AdBlock Status; ga 'send', 'pageview', Dimensions ; var page Depth 1; var tdb Daily Cookie if tdb Daily Cookie page Depth 1; document.cookie ' tdb24 ' page Depth '; Expires ' 'Tue May 14 2019 03 59 59 GMT 0000; path /;' window. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Larry Kudlow admitted to interviewer Chris Wallace that both sides will suffer from the deepening trade dispute. Krux function var var ; function function retrieve n var k 'kx' 'thedailybeast ' n, ls function try return window.local Storage; catch e return null; ; if ls return ls k ''; else if var m return m && unescape m 1 ''; else return ''; Krux.user retrieve 'user' ; Krux.segments retrieve 'segs' ; ; var utag data Hits Out at Own Adviser's Admission That His Tariffs Hurt J. hits out at own advisers admission that his tariffs hurt Hits Out at Own Adviser's Admission That His Tariffs Hurt Hits Out At Own Adviser's Admission That His Tariffs Hurt News Half Full CultureU.S. days ago Trump Hits Out at Own Adviser's Admission That His Tariffs Hurt Americans Jamie Ross Donald Trump has spent his morning furiously trying to put a positive spin on his China tariffs after his top economic adviser admitted that they will make American companies and consumers suffer. ( As reported in the news.

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