Vetting Technology: Fulfillment Centers and Scans Goods

vetting technology: These facilities typically employ more than 2,000 people, according to The Japan Times. That would amount to more than 1,300 cuts across 55 U.S. fulfillment centers for standard-sized inventory. The company started adding technology to a handful of warehouses in recent years that scans goods coming down a conveyor belt and envelops them seconds later in boxes custom-built for each item, two people who worked on the project told Reuters. ; Amazon has considered installing two machines at dozens more warehouses, removing at least 24 roles at each one, these people said. Amazon would expect to recover the costs in under two years, at 1 million per machine plus operational expenses, they said. The changes are not finalized because vetting technology before a major deployment can take a long time. The plan, previously unreported, shows how Amazon is pushing to reduce labor and boost profits as automation of the most common warehouse task picking up an item is still beyond its reach. ( As reported in the news.

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