Advertising Campaign: Temp Code and Scope Scale

advertising campaign: And after hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on ads attacking Donald Trump in 2016, the results were the same They never did much damage, according to The Independent. Now Michael R Bloomberg is trying his way spending millions each week in an online advertising onslaught that is guided by polling and data that he and his advisers believe provide unique insight into the president's vulnerabilities. So did 16 rival Republicans. The effort, which is targeting seven battleground states where polls show Mr Trump is likely to be competitive in November, is just one piece of an advertising campaign that is unrivalled in scope and scale. THIS IS TEMP CODE TO RESOLVE TEADS ISSUES ON SAFARAI - ISSUE-387 - START THIS WAS ORIGINALLY IN THE FOOTER EJS FILE THIS IS TEMP CODE TO RESOLVE TEADS ISSUES ON SAFARAI - ISSUE-387 - END Download the new Indpendent Premium app Sharing the full story, not just the headlines Download now That is on top of the 128m 97m the Bloomberg campaign has spent on television ads, according to Advertising Analytics, an independent firm, which projects that Bloomberg is likely to spend a combined 300m 228m to 400m 304m on advertising across all media before the Super Tuesday primaries in early March. On Facebook and Google alone, where Mr Bloomberg is most focused on attacking the president, he has spent 18m 13.7m on ads in the last month, according to Acronym, a digital messaging firm that works with Democrats. ( As reported in the news.

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