Commodities: Interbank Rate and Zimbabwean Dollars

commodities: With little choice, he grudgingly agreed to sell at 70 Zimbabwean dollars US 5 on the local interbank rate . The father of five said his family has been forced to cut down on meals as the price of basic commodities soars thanks to hyperinflation, according to CNN. It has been a tough year. Mautsa's only customer offered to buy a wheelbarrow of sand -- a key ingredient in household construction works -- at half the asking price. You simply cannot make enough to make ends meet, Mautsa told CNN. On a good day, I make 200 Zimbabwean dollars, but lately business has been going down because the traders are too many. Read More Risk of starvation As well as hyperinflation, Zimbabwe has been hit by severe drought in parts of the country. Last year was better, I could even save money for my children's school fees, but this year inflation has decimated my income. ( As reported in the news.

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