Future: Country and Weapon

future: Kim also reportedly said his country planned to introduce a new strategic weapon in the near future. 2019 the year US foreign policy fell apart Read more In response, Trump said he had a good relationship with Kim and believed the North Korean leader would keep his word to refrain from nuclear and long-range missile tests, according to The Guardian. He did sign a contract, he did sign an agreement talking about denuclearisation. ... That was done in Singapore, and I think he's a man of his word, so we're going to find out, Trump told reporters at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida. The North Korean leader told a four-day meeting of party officials in Pyongyang that the test ban, which Kim agreed to in talks with the US president, was no longer needed, state media said on Wednesday. Trump's secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, said he hoped North Korea would choose peace over war. We're hopeful that ... chairman Kim will make the right decision he'll choose peace and prosperity over conflict and war. So, seeing that reporting publicly, it remains the case that we hope that chairman Kim will take a different course, Pompeo told Fox News in an interview. (news.financializer.com). As reported in the news.

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