Tides Shift: Investor Interest and Way Funds

tides shift: With all that as a backdrop, what better time to ask ETF industry pros what they're thinking about for the coming year Two respondents think that after a strong run, investors might do better to look outside the U.S. for returns, according to Market Watch. One, perhaps not surprisingly, thinks his own fund is best positioned to grab investor interest in the value trade, now that there seems to be more runway in the business cycle. The SEC approved a set of new guidelines that will change the way funds get launched, investors continued to use ETFs as tools to express big ideas or larger themes, and to make U-turns as the tides shift, and Market Watch became one of the first publications to point out the uncomfortable elephant in the room that the ETF industry has a problem with intellectual property theft. And another is wondering whether that will prompt investors to become less cautious. Studying abroad U.S. stocks have gained handsomely in 2019, and while many strategists think the current bull market has more room to run, others suggest investors will get more bang for their buck overseas. Their insights are below. (news.financializer.com). As reported in the news.

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