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huffington post: Huffington Post.BREAKING NEWSTap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you, according to MSNBC. Open Search Log In Join Huff Post Plus Join Huff Post Plus Maxine Waters Sister Who Died Of Coronavirus Was Not Tested Before SurgeryNEWS CORONAVIRUS POLITICS 2020 ELECTIONS ENTERTAINMENT LIFE PERSONAL VIDEO SHOPPINGU.S. Canada U.K. Australia Brazil Espa a France Greece India Italia Japan Korea QuebecU.S. Edition function var disable AdRotation 1 ; var ads Div var default Delivery f ; // enable Queue 0 wait ForGlobal function return window.html AdWH && SetSync Called; function // override ads Pl in template if 'function' typeof SetPlId if 'undefined' typeof window.orig AdsPlId window.orig AdsPlId Pl; if 'undefined' ! typeof window.orig AdsPlId // override ads Net Id in template if 'function' typeof SetNet Id if 'undefined' typeof window.orig NetId window.orig NetId Nt; if 'undefined' ! typeof window.orig NetId ads Div.reload Count 0; var recovery Id ''; var needs Recovery recovery Id && recovery Id.length && kraken ad Block && kraken ad; var ad Id needs Recovery recovery Id '93318099'; // try ad Id ad Id; catch e // Override adtech call type var delivery type default ; var adtech call type ; switch delivery type case by request adtech call type ajax ; break; case text adtech call type text ; break; case iframe adtech call type iframe ; break; case iframe proxy adtech call type f ; break; case collapsed adtech call type fc ; break; default adtech call type default Delivery; break; var args 'lb', 'lb' ; if needs Recovery function ads Div //html AdWH ad Id, args 0 args 1 fileless ads Div ; ; else console.log 'calling MN ' ad String ; uac Module Debug Element leaderboard flex ad Id args 0 args 1 ; html AdWH ad Id, args 0 args 1 adtech call type, ads Div ; if !disable AdRotation ads Rotate Mult ads Div ; if typeof debugadcode 'function' debugadcode 'AdTech', placement 'leaderboard flex', mnid ad Id ads Div ; wait ForGlobal 'jQuery', function function ev, elem if elem && !elem.contains ads Div return; var refresh Rate 1; ads Div.reload Count ; if ads Div.reload Count % refresh Rate 0 && typeof ads Reload Ad 'function' ads Reload Ad ads Div ; ; ; if Changed back to 0 probably for next Ad call leaderboard flex ad Id ; ad SetInView '0' ; ; // wFG html AdWH //modulous queue closing ; if typeof HPAds ! 'undefined' CORONAVIRUS 05/16/2020 05 29 am ET Updated 3 days ago Maxine Waters Sister Who Died Of Coronavirus Was Not Tested Before Surgery It was a matter of a couple of weeks and she was gone, the California congresswoman told MSNBC's Chris Hayes. All rights reserved. By Lee Moran Rep. From that point she went down, Waters told MSNBC's Chris Hayes of her 86-year-old sibling Velma Moody, who was living in a St. Maxine Waters D-Calif. on Friday revealed how her older sister died from COVID-19 a couple of weeks after undergoing surgery on her hip in hospital, where she was not tested for the deadly coronavirus until after the operation. ( As reported in the news.

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