Opposite-Gender: Ifs-Ucl Study and Opposite-Gender Parents

opposite-gender: The Office for National Statistics said separately that men were doing more than an hour less unpaid labour than women each day, despite increasing their responsibilities during lockdown, according to The Guardian. The IFS-UCL study interviewed 3,500 families of two opposite-gender parents and found that mothers were doing more childcare and more housework than fathers. A report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the UCL institute of education also says mothers in England are more likely than fathers to have lost their jobs during lockdown, increasing fears that the coronavirus crisis has exacerbated inequality and could lead to the gender pay gap increasing. The mothers interviewed were looking after children for an average of 10.3 hours a day 2.3 hours more than fathers and doing housework for 1.7 more hours than fathers. The study found that mothers were 23% more likely than fathers to have temporarily or permanently lost their jobs during the crisis. In families where the father had stopped work while his partner continued, on average they did the same amount of household work while the woman did an average of five hours of paid work a day. (news.financializer.com). As reported in the news.

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