Coronavirus Infections: Business and Month Establishments

coronavirus infections: It could take more than six months for business to return to normal, he said, provided there is no second wave of coronavirus infections. ; Japan, which has so far managed to contain the outbreak better than its Asian peers China and India without imposing a nationwide lockdown, has slowly begun getting back to business, according to The Japan Times. A national state of emergency order was lifted in the Tokyo region late last month and establishments from gyms to schools are now reopening their doors. Cities are slowly starting to reopen, and business is starting to get better, said Suntory's CEO Takeshi Niinami, who thinks his firm's global sales hit bottom last month. Nevertheless, Niinami said he predicts that more than 20 percent of bars and restaurants could fail due to the pandemic. Even with the emergency status lifted, many restaurants are reopening with caution and with limiting seating and opening hours as customers remain wary of dining out. Japan's vibrant dining scene, from izakaya traditional Japanese pubs and restaurants to Tokyo's high-end eateries boasting the largest number of Michelin stars of any city, mostly shut down in April as the government declared the state of emergency. ( As reported in the news.

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