Tax Base: Data Leaks and City Initiative

tax base: Opponents warn that data leaks could lead to privacy violations and even a surveillance state, according to The Japan Times. Here's a look at Japan's Super City Initiative. Supporters tout them as high-tech marvels where artificial intelligence and big data are to be used to provide more efficient and cost-effective solutions to social problems, especially in areas faced with aging and declining populations and a reduced tax base. What was the purpose of the recently passed bill ; In order to realize the creation of smart cities in various parts of the country, any number of basic regulations involving multiple ministries needs to be changed. The revision means local governments that are selected by the central government to become smart cities, or super cities, can work with private technology firms to come up with plans for creating their own smart city. The May 27 revision to a national strategic special zone law included measures the government can now take to do that more quickly and under more specific guidelines. ( As reported in the news.

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