Trade Experts: Member Tpp and Vice President

trade experts: This comes as a relief to Japan, which salvaged the original Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact from collapse after the United States left on Trump's initiative, hoping that Washington would eventually come back. ; Still, trade experts see no immediate return of the U.S. to what is now the 11-member TPP while Biden focuses on domestic issues such as containing the spread of COVID-19 and boosting the world's largest economy, although the 77-year-old Democrat backed the TPP as vice president under former President Barack Obama, according to The Japan Times. The chances of the United States piling pressure on trading partners like Japan to make bilateral deals a tactic pursued by Trump may decrease, though a Biden administration could still make strong demands of Japan over trade and environmental issues. Biden is seen as preferring a more multilateral approach to trade. Biden would emphasize partnerships to contain unilateral Chinese policymaking and he would seek a more active Asian policy than the benign neglect of the Obama era, said Martin Schulz, chief policy economist at Fujitsu Ltd. It needs to maintain its partnerships with the United States and China but show its partners in Southeast Asia an effective way to navigate trade, investment and, most importantly, digital policies, Schulz said. Japan, as a 'middle power,' would gain a more important role. ( As reported in the news.

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