Asian Country: Oil Gas and Leisure Resorts

asian country: The turmoil is prompting multinationals like Thailand's biggest industrial developer to delay investment plans, a harbinger of things to come should the chaos deepen. ; Western nations are applying pressure on the newly installed military government of the Southeast Asian country, once regarded as greenfield territory for everything from oil and gas to leisure resorts, according to The Japan Times. With the U.S. reiterating plans to renew sanctions, it could cause a rippling effect among businesses, threatening 5.5 billion in foreign investment in a country that just a few years ago was on the path to democracy. From beer maker Kirin Holdings Co. to an early backer of gaming firm Razer Inc., companies and investors are weighing the impact of a military coup that has thrust the once-thriving nation into a state of emergency. It will definitely get bigger as these corporations get on board the bandwagon, Justin Tang, head of Asian research at United First Partners in Singapore. Bordering the massive markets of India and China, Myanmar has abundant natural resources, including oil and gas, gold, silver and precious stones. Myanmar has been attracting more outside investment in recent years after posting double-digit economic growth in the early part of the last decade. ( As reported in the news.

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