Exports Dependence: Picture Glosses and Asian Countries

exports dependence: A trio of Asian countries reporting growth recently show why the bullish scenarios tossed around at the end of 2020 resonate, but what some of the cheery sentiment is skipping over, according to The Japan Times. Too much focus on the broad-brush global picture glosses over telling nuances at the regional level; without that insight, projections can go awry. The recent performances of big commercial powers and small-but-indicative nations point to a far-from-perfect rebound. Japan, Singapore and Thailand recorded a promising end to a terrible year. That matters because the region is perceived to have tackled the pandemic relatively well, and because of Asia's strength in exports and dependence on travel. Critically, the forces that drove the world into a massive recession COVID-19 and the efforts to contain it still haunt Asia. (news.financializer.com). As reported in the news.

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