Hair Salons: Livelihood Services and Overtime Hours

hair salons: The pace of decline was the fastest since 2009 when the global financial crisis and economic downturn caused a slide of 13.5%. ; By sector, the average plunged 33.5% among livelihood services such as hair salons as well as the entertainment industry, according to The Japan Times. Restaurant and hotel operators marked a 27.3% fall while manufacturers saw a 19.5% drop. The average stood at 17,352 165 per month, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said in a preliminary report that covered workplaces with at least five workers. Monthly overtime hours of all workers fell 13.2% on average for 2020, also the biggest decline since a 15.0% decline in 2009. The survey also showed that part-timers made up 31.14% of the country's workforce last year, down 0.39 point from 2019 and the first decrease since the survey began in 1990, as the pandemic seriously damaged the service sectors, which employ many nonregular workers. The average total cash earnings per worker, including base and overtime pay, fell 1.2% last year to 318,299 on a nominal basis for the second straight year of decline. ( As reported in the news.

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