Ueno Facility: Mother Panda and News Conference

ueno facility: Zoo director Yutaka Fukuda said the twin birth was a first for the Ueno facility, according to The Japan Times. When I heard the news that the second baby was born, I couldn't help but whoop, he told reporters. They were born in the early hours of Wednesday, the zoo said in a statement, adding that it had not yet confirmed the sex of the pair. ; Officials are currently doing their best to protect and observe the mother and babies, the statement added. One of the babies, weighing in at 124 grams, was placed in an incubator, spokesman Naoya Ohashi said in a news conference later. When pandas have twins, they usually only raise one, so we will be making sure the mother panda will breastfeed one while we keep the other in the incubator, Ohashi said. The mother panda is in good health, and carefully looking after the other baby, he added. (news.financializer.com). As reported in the news.

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