Investor Exodus: Chinese Listings and Exchange Operator

investor exodus: And the local currency is near the strong end of its trading band against the dollar, suggesting capital outflows aren't a worry, according to The Japan Times. Major global banks and financial institutions, including Black Rock Inc. and Citigroup Inc., have maintained or grown their presence in the city. Yet more than a year after the crackdown began, signs of an investor exodus are hard to find. ; Shares in Hong Kong's exchange operator have doubled since the start of 2020, reflecting confidence in the city's ability to attract Chinese listings. Employment in the finance and insurance sectors rose in 2020 from a year earlier. For now, even as authorities enforce broad new powers to stifle dissent, they appear to have not yet crossed the financial industry's red lines. That comes even as surveys suggest growing concern among some expatriate executives about the crackdown's impact on civil liberties and rule of law, following the mass arrest of pro-democracy advocates and threats to the free flow of information under the sweeping National Security Law imposed by China in July 2020. ( As reported in the news.

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