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trading desks: It's the government's most extreme step yet to rein in private businesses that regulators blame for exacerbating inequality, increasing financial risk and in the case of some tech titans challenging Beijing's authority. ; With losses in Chinese tech and education stocks now exceeding 1 trillion since February, the questions reverberating across trading desks from Shanghai to New York are where regulators might strike next and whether markets are properly discounting regulatory risk, according to The Japan Times. Property-management and food-delivery companies were among the biggest losers on Monday after Beijing signaled tighter rules for both sectors. The crash in tutoring stocks that began on Friday spread this week across the tech sector and beyond, after authorities confirmed reports they would ban a swathe of the education industry from making profits. While some investors say the selloff has created buying opportunities, ongoing clampdowns on everything from internet platform operators to commodities producers and China's gargantuan real estate industry suggest plenty of room for more surprises especially for international investors as Xi's government shows less concern than its predecessors did about spooking foreign capital. Monday's rout underscored just how widespread that concern has become. Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s sales desk summed it up this way in a note to clients Even when you think China risk is priced it can get worse. ( As reported in the news.

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