China: India and Growth

china: The size of the Chinese economy was 13.6 trillion in 2018, while that of India's was around 2.8 trillion, according to Global Times China. If India wants to narrow the gap with China in the size of its economy, its annual economic growth must be several times the Chinese growth rate. Regardless of whether it is provocative for some Western media to bring up the topic, it is true that in terms of economic development, the gap between China and India has widened, which is mainly determined by the growth momentum of the two economies. That's very unlikely for India, considering China's still relatively fast growth pace. Since the Modi government has changed the statistical methodology and the base year for calculating GDP, there has always been skepticism surrounding the new growth statistics. Moreover, while Indian GDP growth rates reached 6.7 percent and above over the past five years from 2014 to 2018, statistical reasons may have affected the data. ( As reported in the news.

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