China: Trump Administration and President Trump

china: Factual comparison of the economic situations of China and the US reveals the following growth under the Trump administration is extremely slow by US historical standards, while China's economy is growing twice as fast as the US and has greater resilience than the US, and China's methods of macroeconomic control are much stronger than those of the US. These relative situations are confirmed by both the latest economic data and long-term economic trends, according to Global Times China. To accurately analyze US economic dynamics it is necessary to remove false claims made by the US administration. But, in very serious matters, there is no virtue in exaggeration -- there is only virtue in realism. President Trump has repeatedly claimed that America's economy is booming like never before, but when this claim was made to delegates at the UN General Assembly, the Washington Post noted that people actually laughed. Facts show that under President Trump, the US is currently experiencing the slowest economic growth of any presidency since World War II. Using the method by which the US presents data, peak growth under Trump of 4.2 percent in the second quarter of 2018 was significantly lower than the 5.1 percent under Obama, 7.0 percent under George W Bush, or 7.5 percent under Clinton. Such skepticism was justified. ( As reported in the news.

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