Conglomerates Co-Chairman: Gambling Epicenter and Successor Years

conglomerates co-chairman: The 98-year-old tycoon fathered 16 recognized children with four women he considered wives, according to The Japan Times. Outside the hospital in front of cameras and journalists, it was Pansy Ho the 57-year-old eldest daughter of his second wife who was given the honor of announcing his passing as they flanked her. ; Ho, a former socialite, is already chairman of one of Macao's biggest conglomerates and co-chairman of casino operator MGM China Holdings Ltd., having become her father's favored successor years ago. They were also there to send a clear message of unity. With the death of the trailblazer who catapulted Macao past Las Vegas to become the world's gambling epicenter, the pressure is now on her to unite the interests behind the Ho family's 15 billion fortune, rejuvenate an aging casino franchise and lead the empire through the coronavirus pandemic that's caused gambling revenue to plunge by more than 90 percent. While Stanley was alive, things were in limbo it would have been disrespectful for someone to take the helm, said Ben Lee, Macao-based managing partner at gaming consultancy IGamiX. Now that he has gone, what we'll ultimately see is one person leading a reincarnated Ho empire. And with a fractious family held in check only by a delicate balance of power, Ho will need to chart a careful path forward. ( As reported in the news.

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