San Carlos: Bank and Portfolio Companies

san carlos: He said he would never forget the help Misra provided when he was at Deutsche Bank AG more than a decade earlier and spoke of the trust and respect they had developed since, according to a summary shared internally, according to The Japan Times. We are family, Son said. Wearing a 70 7,500 Uniqlo down jacket, the Japanese billionaire put his arm around Misra's shoulders at a town hall meeting in San Carlos, California. But behind the smiles and talk of kinship, another story is unfolding, one about the perplexing relationship at the top of Soft Bank. That triggered the biggest loss in Soft Bank's 39-year history. The Vision Fund last week reported a loss for the latest fiscal year of 17.7 billion as it wrote down the value of portfolio companies including WeWork and Uber Technologies Inc. ( As reported in the news.

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