Fear Decline: Center Business and Kddi Evolva

fear decline: In the past few weeks, 17 infections were confirmed at a post office call center in Hokkaido and 11 at a Kyoto mail-order business. ; Japan Inc. has been reluctant to embrace telecommuting, with firms citing concerns about data security, according to The Japan Times. Companies also fear a decline in worker productivity and customer service. Call centers have exposed one of the fault lines in Japan's fight against the pandemic, as it takes a less forceful approach than many countries. Dozens of us are still working in a crowded office, a worker at KDDI Evolva, KDDI's call center business, said. Until recently, the KDDI Evolva office in Tokyo was packed at peak hours with nearly 80 operators sitting less than a meter apart without partitions, said the worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity. We could be hit with mass infection any time. (news.financializer.com). As reported in the news.

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