Rice Cultivation: Water Resources

rice cultivation: The greatest concern of associate professor Toshiaki Iida of the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Agriculture is the possible impact on the nation's rice crop, according to The Japan Times. A source in the department of the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry responsible for control of water resources tells the magazine that water levels at dams and reservoirs are normal for this time of year. A source in the Meteorological Agency is quoted as saying that rainfall between now and August is predicted to match the seasonal average, which means it might not be sufficient to make up for the lack of snow. ; About two thirds of the country's water resources go to farming some 94 percent of which is used for rice cultivation. However, the volume of use for agriculture increases during spring, so we'll be monitoring the situation very carefully, he said. The list also includes several Japanese entertainers who are popular in South Korea, including model and actor Ryohei Otani and actress Saki Fukuda, who for the past half decade has performed in South Korean dramas. Can entertainment help relieve the strained relations between Japan and South Korea However grudgingly, Shukan Bunshun May 7-14 was clearly so impressed by Parasite winning best picture at this year's Academy Awards that it dedicated a dozen glossy pages at the front and back of the issue to South Korea's top actors, vocalists, dancers and models. (news.financializer.com). As reported in the news.

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