Eiji Yatagawa: Relist Seiyu and Minority Interest

eiji yatagawa: Walmart will retain a 15% minority interest. ; Rakuten and KKR will seek to shore up Seiyu's digital operations as demand for online retail grows in Japan amid the pandemic, according to The Japan Times. The new owners are retaining a previously announced plan to relist Seiyu in the future. Under the agreement, private equity fund KKR will become the majority owner with a 65% stake, while Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten takes 20%, the companies said in a statement Monday. An IPO is certainly a common goal for us, said Eiji Yatagawa, a partner at KKR. What's important is to build a business that can go public. In June last year, Walmart said it would seek to relist Seiyu, following years of speculation that it was seeking to sell the chain after years of poor performance. For a company to go public, you need to demonstrate a very attractive story to the market. (news.financializer.com). As reported in the news.

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