Year Plan: Vehicles and June China

year plan: Fuel cells fool sells, the boss of the world's top electric-carmaker tweeted in June, according to The Japan Times. China, the world's biggest market for electric vehicles, isn't so quick to dismiss the alternative to batteries. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has spent years mocking the idea of using hydrogen fuel cells rather than electric batteries to power next-generation green vehicles. Officials are promoting the development of hydrogen-powered cars, trucks and buses, with Beijing offering to reward cities that achieve adoption targets. ; In a 15-year plan for new-energy vehicles released on Nov. 2, China's State Council said the country will focus on building the fuel-cell supply chain and developing hydrogen-powered trucks and buses. Hydrogen is expected to play a much more important role to drastically decrease the country's greenhouse gas emissions, Kevin Jianjun Tu, a nonresident fellow at the French think tank Ifri, wrote in a report published in October. President Xi Jinping in September set a 2030 deadline for China to begin reducing carbon emissions. ( As reported in the news.

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