India: Delhi Washington and Trump

india: On one hand, experts said, Biden's administration will most likely pay more attention to India's contentious domestic developments, where Modi's right-wing party has been steadily consolidating power and becoming overtly hostile toward Muslim minorities, according to The Japan Times. Trump has largely turned a blind eye. Military cooperation and a personal friendship between Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India both domineering nationalists have pushed New Delhi and Washington closer. ; Now, as President-elect Joe Biden is set to move into the White House, U.S. diplomats, Indian officials and security experts are resetting their expectations for relations between the world's two largest democracies. Others believe that the United States cannot afford to drastically alter its policy toward New Delhi because the United States needs its help to counter China and increasingly values India as a military and trade partner. One of the constants in U.S.-India relations has been that every presidential administration here in the United States has left the relationship in even better shape than the one it inherited. RELATED STORIES U.S. and India to sign defense pact amid China border standoff China gained ground on India during bloody summer in Himalayas India hails Kamala Harris as history-making U.S. vice president-elect India accuses China of helping rebel groups on Myanmar border The real opening between the United States and India began under President Clinton, it accelerated under President Bush, it continued under President Obama, and it's accelerating again under our president, President Trump, Stephen Biegun, the deputy secretary of state, said in October. ( As reported in the news.

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