September December: Sections and Companies

september december: JPX plans to announce lists of companies on each of the new sections in January 2022, according to The Japan Times. The restructuring comes as Japan is seeking to boost its global standing as a financial center at a time when Beijing's tightening of controls over Hong Kong has raised concerns about the major Asian financial hub. Japan Exchange Group Inc. said it will reorganize the current four trading sections into Prime, Standard and Growth sections. ; Companies will choose which section they want to be listed on between September and December next year. The bourse, which was recently hit by a full-day trading glitch caused by a system failure, aims to attract foreign investors who have a big presence in the market. Companies to be listed on this section will need to have at least 10 billion worth of floating shares, which will have to account for 35% or more of their outstanding shares in principle. The Prime section or the top-tier market, equivalent to the current First Section, will have a greater focus on liquidity with an eye to attracting a variety of institutional investors. ( As reported in the news.

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