Mark Zuckerberg: Inclusion Innovation and Tobacco Boss

mark zuckerberg: The more Mark Zuckerberg tried to reassure politicians by talking up financial inclusion and innovation, the more he came across like a tobacco boss denying cigarettes are addictive, according to The Japan Times. He even acknowledged the problem I get that I'm not the ideal messenger for this. Governments and regulators linked arms to repel a perceived threat to monetary sovereignty, financial stability and data privacy. That hasn't deterred him. There's no more talk of rewards for members in the form of investment tokens. Given Zuckerberg's tendency to issue half-hearted apologies before going back to breaking things, it's not surprising that he's gearing up for a second attempt to launch Libra next year. ; There have been a few changes Libra is now called Diem as in Carpe and its membership council is headed by Stuart Levey, whose stints at the U.S. Treasury and HSBC Holdings Plc make him a blend of Beltway and banking. ( As reported in the news.

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