Support Suga: Carbon Emissions

support suga: To divest from fossil fuels, shift to renewable energy and eliminate carbon emissions should not be seen as a restriction of economic activity, but as an opportunity to take advantage of inevitable change, a trade ministry official told reporters Thursday, according to The Japan Times. The central government will stand behind the private sector in leading the shift to a carbon free society. The report which calls for strong government spending to subsidize and incentivize emissions reduction, and innovation in more than a dozen industries details the potential economic growth that can be expected if the country reaches net zero carbon emissions. ; Not only does the plan provide a tentative framework to support Suga's vow in October to achieve decarbonization within three decades, it represents a major shift in the central government's attitude in treating renewable energy not as a barrier to economic growth but as a catalyst. The report designates 14 industries in which significant growth and investment are key to achieve decarbonization. According to the trade ministry's outline, the government aims to raise offshore wind energy output to 45 million kilowatt-hours by 2040, hydrogen power consumption to 20 million tons by 2050, promote nuclear energy abroad but halt domestic projects, decarbonize the agriculture industry and reduce coal-fired power consumption to the point where carbon recycling technology can be developed to nullify the remaining harmful emissions. These include offshore wind, ammonia fuel, hydrogen, nuclear energy, cars, shipping, airlines, semiconductors, logistics, agriculture, carbon recycling, housing, energy recycling and the lifestyles of individual people. ( As reported in the news.

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