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bank statement: Gen, according to The Japan Times. Sami Ramah, a spokesman for the retired soldiers, said they would stay at the bank, stopping employees from entering, until their demand of no cuts to the military budget was met. As about 100 protesters gathered outside the Central Bank, Lebanon's coalition government began holding its latest meeting to try to agree to a budget that would reduce the fiscal deficit in the heavily indebted state. ; The retired soldiers have blocked the Central Bank's three entrances, including the one for vehicles, said a Reuters video journalist who was there. There was no immediate Central Bank statement on whether the protest would affect its work on Monday. The government said on Friday it had agreed to tighten the allocation of financial incentives that are intended for soldiers on front-line duty but applied more widely in practice. Retired soldiers have been among the most vocal opponents of reported cuts in the draft budget, blocking roads with burning tires to protest any cuts to their pensions and benefits. ( As reported in the news.

border fence: The women, some of whom are as young as 18, are there to protect the country's lions, pangolin, elephants and rhinos, whose horns are thought to have medicinal properties and can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the black market, according to The Independent. The Mambas track about 78 miles of the park's border for eight hours a day, looking for snares or traps, inspecting the border fence and searching cars for weapons or contraband. Established in 2013, the 36 women patrol the Balule Nature Reserve, a 100,000-acre private wildlife reserve in northern South Africa, on the western boundary of Kruger National Park. But while they may look like soldiers in their camouflage uniforms, the Mambas are unarmed. You can form your own view. ISOCountry Groups euro at be cy ee fi fr de gr ie it lv lt lu mc mt nl pt sk si sm es va uk gb us us variants 1 33.4, 2 33.3, 3 33.3 We'll tell you what's true. ( As reported in the news.

botswana ambassador: Chinese enterprises are undoubtedly playing an important role to help the southern African country achieve this goal, according to Global Times China. Latest data shows that the bilateral trade volume between China and Botswana in 2017 reached 267 million. Photo Xing Xiaojing/GT Editor's Note Botswana has regarded the pursuit of economic interest as its top priority in recent years. However, the Diamond Kingdom is obviously not satisfied with this figure and wants to expand trade. What is your top priority as the Botswana Ambassador to China Palai I have worked in the UN Office on behalf of Botswana for six years and then became the Botswana Ambassador to China in 2017. Global Times reporter Xing Xiaojing GT talked to Botswana's Ambassador to China Mothusi Palai Palai on economic cooperation, potential investment opportunities, the Belt and Road Initiative BRI and more. ( As reported in the news.

brands decisions: Profit-seeking is a natural instinct of capital, according to Global Times China. As long as they can make money in China, they won't come back to the US, even with increased tariffs. Since China's reform and opening-up began in 1978, many US companies have showed great enthusiasm for investing in and manufacturing in China, making the country a key production and processing base for US enterprises. US brands' decisions to keep their production lines in China have added to evidence that returning to the US is costly rather than profitable. Despite Trump's tariffs imposed in the trade war, US companies' earnings were good in China. An annual white paper by the American Chamber of Commerce in China showed that 69 percent of US companies surveyed were profitable in China in 2018, while 21 percent of those surveyed at least broke even. ( As reported in the news.

business climate: According to the legislation plan for 2019 that was released by the State Council, China's cabinet, on Saturday, four government administrations -- the National Development and Reform Commission the Ministry of Commerce the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration for Market Regulation -- will be responsible for drafting the regulations related to the optimization of the business environment, according to Global Times China. This effort will focus on three aspects, Deputy Finance Minister Zhou Jiayi said at a briefing held by the State Council on April 9, according to a report by the Xinhua News Agency. Photo CFP China aims to formulate laws to further optimize the business climate for domestic and foreign enterprises and ensure fair market competition, marking rising efforts to write terms concerning the business environment into legislation. Policies and regulations will be put forward to make sure that business operations will become more convenient, the environment is legally regulated, and regulations are enforced, according to the report. A top concern of many foreign companies comes from competition from SOEs and local protectionism, and to optimize the business environment means foreign investors and foreign businesses should be allowed to enter more industries that were previously monopolized by SOEs, Chen said. The regulations for the optimization of business environment will make business operation easier in China for both domestic and foreign companies, and will build a fairer competition environment, especially between foreign businesses and state-owned enterprises SOEs Chen Danzhou, an assistant professor at the School of Law at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, told the Global Times. ( As reported in the news.

alliance: The proposed legislation would see all see candidates, elected MPs and Senators only book economy class airfares for domestic flights of two hours or less paid for with taxpayer funds, according to Nine News Australia. Centre Alliance Senate candidate Skye Kakoschke-Moore launched her Business Class Boycott Campaign on Sunday. To improve your experience update it here News NationalSA push to cut MPs' business class travel By AAP11 24am May 12, 2019Facebook Tweet MailA South Australian Senate candidate is pushing to end business class travel on short-haul domestic flights. If elected, Ms Kakoschke-Moore wants all federal candidates to commit. In 2018 nearly 12 million was spent on domestic airfares by federal politicians, Ms Kakoschke-Moore said. She said the common sense move would save taxpayers millions of dollars. ( As reported in the news.

army captains: Six others were injured, including two army captains, two navy soldiers and two hotel employees, according to CNN. The military said that all three attackers, who planned to take hotel guests hostage, had been killed. The attack on Pearl Continental in the strategic port city of Gwadar left four hotel employees and a Pakistan Navy soldier dead on Saturday. According to a statement from the media wing of Pakistan's Armed Forces, the gunmen forced their way into the hotel's main hall, killing a security guard and firing indiscriminately as they attempted to reach the upper floors of the building. Read More A Pakistani separatist group claimed responsibility, warning of more attacks in China and Pakistan in a post on an unverified Twitter account. Fishing boats moored at Gwadar Port in Pakistan. context Image Object name Fishing boats moored at Gwadar Port in Fishing boats moored at Gwadar Port in Pakistan. url Military forces were able to reach the hotel, secure guests and restrict the attackers to the fourth floor, before killing them. ( As reported in the news.

australians: I believe that Australia is a promise to everyone who has the great privilege to call themselves an Australian, according to The Guardian. It's the promise that allows Australians quietly going about their lives to realise their simple, honest and decent aspirations, Morrison said. In a speech to party faithful on Sunday less than a week before polling day the prime minister outlined what he said was his commitment to fulfilling Australia's promise to all voters. Quiet, hardworking Australians an Australia where, if you have a go, you get a go. Beginning his re-election bid with stories of voters he had met during the past four weeks of campaigning, Morrison said these voters could only take advantage of Australia's promise with a stronger economy. Where you're rewarded and respected for your efforts and contributions. ( As reported in the news.

biodiversity: It was taken before a landmark UN global assessment defined the extent of the unprecedented biodiversity crisis facing the planet, with a million species at risk of extinction and potentially dire consequences for human society, according to The Guardian. Australia has a big stake in these issues. A Lowy Institute poll found nearly two out of three adults believe climate change is the most serious threat to Australia's national interests, an 18-point-increase in five years. It is one of the world's top greenhouse gas emitters on a per-capita basis and in the top 20 for total pollution, with a footprint greater than Britain or France. There are clear choices between the parties on these issues at this election. It is already experiencing the effects of climate change, including increased heatwaves and mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef, and is the global leader in mammal extinction. ( As reported in the news.

culture course: From picking the right partner to coping with breakups, the Gender and Culture course at Seoul's Sejong University teaches students the various aspects of dating, love and sex, according to CNN. The class is particularly popular for its dating assignment, in which students are paired with random partners to go on four-hour-long dates. But the 24-year-old student wasn't looking for a girlfriend, he was completing a college assignment. There are a fair number of students who come for the dating assignment, said instructor Bae Jeong-weon. Such classes may be necessary. There are students who have never dated before, and there are some who want to create opportunities by dating like this. ( As reported in the news.

feeling heat: Both face their investors at annual general meetings this week, having ruffled feathers in recent months over their excessive pay packets, according to The Independent. Conn's remuneration has grown with the help of two bonuses, each worth 388,000, while Horta-Os rio is feeling the heat over annual pension payments viewed by many shareholders as little more than a backdoor pay rise. Conn's bedfellow in shareholder discontent is Lloyds Banking Group's chief executive, Ant nio Horta-Os rio. It puts both companies at risk of joining the list of British boards which have suffered shareholder rebellions over the 2019 AGM season, including Barclays, engineering business John Wood and shipping services company Clarkson. The backlash may be smaller, given Lloyds and Centrica have support from influential shareholder advisory firms Glass Lewis and ISS, but it won't go unnoticed. London-based bank Standard Chartered also suffered a 36% vote against its own pay policy last week. ( As reported in the news.

guard c: When she was a child, Christine Mau's home in Laguna Hills, Calif., sat beneath the flight path of F-4 jets screeching across the sky from the since-decommissioned El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Irvine, according to Market Watch. There I was as a five-year-old, looking up at these big, bad F-4s just making noise and just looking awesome, Mau, 44, told Market Watch. This story is part of Ceiling Smashers, a series in which successful women across industries tell Market Watch how they broke down professional barriers. I told my mom, I want to do that someday.' The urge to fly runs in the family. There I was as a five-year-old, looking up at these big, bad F-4s just making noise and just looking awesome. Her father was an Air National Guard C-130 pilot turned Continental Airlines UAL, -3.21% pilot, and her grandfather flew the B-24 bomber in WWII. But Mau didn't see her ambitions crystallize until around sixth grade, when she watched Maverick and Goose fly an F-14 Tomcat in the 1986 film Top Gun. ( As reported in the news.

segal: I think he read it around Mother's Day time period, and that's when he was like, You know, I will start doing the laundry,' said 48-year-old Segal, the senior vice president of communications and external relations for the Washington, D.C.-based American Association of University Women, according to Market Watch. Laura Segal and her husband of 14 years, full-time working parents to 9-year-old boy-girl twins, reached a domestic-labor balance by splitting up tasks based on their respective strengths. He took the advice to heart. Segal and her husband of 14 years, full-time working parents to 9-year-old boy-girl twins, reached their current domestic-labor balance by splitting up tasks based on their respective strengths. Her husband does laundry, some of the cleaning and the bulk of putting the kids to bed. Today, Segal handles the play time and child-care arrangements, as well as buying groceries and some cleaning. ( As reported in the news.

sex life: My wife has always earned more money than me, and for a while it absolutely killed our sex life, according to Market Watch. Dead. When wives earn more than their husbands, some men just can't handle it. I'm a trial lawyer now, but from 2006 to 2016 I didn't make a dime. Dave Peters was one of several men who told MEL Magazine what it was like when their wives earned more money than they did. I went back to school to get my master's and Ph.D. and try to break into academia. ( As reported in the news.

tim ryan: But as Democrats look to pick a challenger to Donald Trump in 2020, how does a middle-aged, middle-of-the-road white man stand out in a field of more than 20 I've a big vision for the country, according to The Independent. I have the opportunity to bring the country together. Tim Ryan may be smart and charismatic, he may be from the electorally crucial midwest and have a freight train of bright ideas. I'd do well in some of the districts where Trump won and bring some of those people back over, and start healing the country, he says. You can form your own view. ISOCountry Groups euro at be cy ee fi fr de gr ie it lv lt lu mc mt nl pt sk si sm es va uk gb us us variants 1 33.4, 2 33.3, 3 33.3 We'll tell you what's true. ( As reported in the news.

donny deutsch: Do you feel it Most people Democrats still win on the economy Democrats still win on the economy this week's episode of Saturday Night Politics with Donny Deutsch, Nicolle Wallace, Richard Stengel, and Don Calloway about the week's top political headlines including a booming economy, according to MSNBC. Wallace says the Democrats can still win on that issue Is the stock market booming You bet. Wallace says the Democrats can still win on that issue Is the stock market booming You bet. Do you feel it Most people ( As reported in the news.

everyone: The proposal also aims to boost investment in renewables and establish a public energy provider, according to Nine News Australia. SA Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said the Greens have a plan to make renewable power affordable for everyone. To improve your experience update it here News National Greens proposal 'to cut SA power prices'By AAP3 03pm May 12, 2019Facebook Tweet Mail The Greens have proposed to re-regulate the energy sector in a bid to reduce electricity bills for South Australians. The big energy companies have gotten away with price gouging for too long, Ms Hanson-Young said. Re-regulating the energy market would ensure a set price, matching the country's lowest cost. Deregulation has been a failure, leading to power price rises that have done nothing but boost retailer profits. ( As reported in the news.

jobs: Our lives have changed so much that research suggests that average workers will have 11 different jobs during their life, according to The Guardian. As they move from one employer to the next, they build up new pension funds. Whereas once many workers could expect to spend their whole career in the same company, now they shift from one to the next as better opportunities present themselves, redundancies force movement or they opt for a change in direction. But, for many, when they leave a job, those same funds are left behind. Many will only wake up to their importance when they approach retirement, at which point panic sets in which is why close tabs should be kept on them today. As the government is now forcing employers to offer workers a company pension, it is expected that soon the UK will be awash with millions of stranded pensions where people lose track of what they have built up. ( As reported in the news.

plant species: On Monday, a new international report by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services IPBES warned one million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction across the globe, more than ever before in human history, according to Nine News Australia. In Australia three native species have become extinct in the last decade and scientists say 17 more could be wiped out in the next 20 years. To improve your experience update it here News National Loss of biodiversity 'greater threat than climate change'By Rebecca Masters3 30pm May 12, loss could become a greater threat to humanity than climate change and we are running out of time to turn things around, a Queensland academic warns. Professor James Watson is the Director of the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science at the University of Queensland Supplied Professor James Watson is the Director of the University of Queensland's Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science. Politicians are not showing true leadership to mitigate climate change, or protect biodiversity, he told He believes most Australians know they need to use less plastic, plant more trees and stop their cats and dogs from killing native wildlife but says governments need to step up - and quickly. ( As reported in the news.

tilray inc: The Nanaimo, B.C.-based company's CEO recently identified the U.S. and Europe as the focus of its future investments, and said it will not purchase overpriced supply assets in Canada, according to The Toronto Star. Inflation numbers Statistics Canada will release its consumer price index for April on Wednesday. Justin Tang / THE CANADIAN PRESS Tilray Inc. will release its first-quarter results on Tuesday. The agency last reported the annual inflation rate rose to 1.9 per cent in March, in line with economists' expectations, as price pressures strengthened for fresh vegetables, mortgage interest costs and auto insurance. The cannabis grower's CEO recently said the company wants to be a good neighbour and is going to great lengths including the installation of new exhaust systems and filters to mitigate any cannabis odour wafting over Edmonton International Airport, which is next to its Aurora Sky facility. Article Continued Below Aurora earnings Aurora Cannabis is expected to release its latest quarterly results on Tuesday, followed by a conference call with financial analysts Wednesday. ( As reported in the news.

analysts expectations: Even after adjustments, Lyft claimed losses of more than 200 million, or 9.02 a share a figure that is inflated because shares related to the IPO were not used in its share count, which was captured at the end of the quarter and before the IPO closed, according to Market Watch. Shares bounced around in after-hours action, finishing the extended session down 1.8%. Lyft reported first-quarter revenue of 776 million, better than analysts' expectations, but Lyft's revenue does not tell the entire story. Lyft's LYFT, -7.41% first-quarter results were not an auspicious beginning for the ride-hailing company, as it reported quarterly losses that topped 1 billion thanks to the stock-based compensation that is always an issue in the first quarter after initial public offerings. As Market Watch has detailed with both Lyft and rival Uber Technologies Inc.UBER, -7.62% ride-hailing companies are reporting only part of each transaction, the amount of money that goes to the company instead of the driver. Lyft offered total bookings information in its pre-IPO regulatory filings for 2016, 2017 and 2018, which is the total revenue generated by the ride-hailing app including the total paid to drivers. For more Five things to know about the Uber IPO Both companies had been offering potential investors numbers that gave a look at the full operations. ( As reported in the news.

business share: Small Business I write about branding, trends, culture, disruptive business, according to The Independent. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin In this July 1, 2014 photo, Dollar Shave Club CEO and co-founder Michael Dubin poses for photos at the company's headquarters in Venice, Calif. Do What Amazon, Netflix, Uber And Air Bnb Did, Head For A Blue Ocean.performance.mark performance.mark function s ; Bernhard Schroeder Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. AP Photo/Jae C. Hong ASSOCIATED PRESSIf you want to become an entrepreneur but don't know where to start, relax. If you think about what Netflix, Amazon, Uber and Air Bnb did, you can clearly see, they created nothing new in terms of products. It's not about ideas, it's about understanding and researching current industries that have not innovated their products or services and have a large customer market. ( As reported in the news.

chinese imports: However, both sides agreed that the talks in Washington were constructive and continuable, according to Global Times China. Reassuringly, both sides have shown a willingness to move on with consultations and agreed to meet again in Beijing in the future. At noon Friday Beijing time the US increased additional tariffs on 200 billion worth of Chinese imports from 10 percent to 25 percent, casting a huge shadow on the latest round of Sino-US trade talks. During a media interview on Saturday, Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He, who led the Chinese delegation in the 11th round of high-level economic and trade consultations with the US, affirmed progress made in the Sino-US consultations. They include whether all additional tariffs must be totally revoked if the two sides are to reach a deal, whether the amount of purchases should be realistic, and whether the wording of the agreement must be balanced and acceptable to the Chinese public without undermining the sovereignty and dignity of China. Liu also candidly shared the truth about the differences between the two sides on China's core concerns. ( As reported in the news.

future negotiations: Hours earlier, the Trump administration hiked tariffs on 200 billion worth of Chinese imports to 25 percent from 10 percent, escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington, according to The Japan Times. China's Commerce Ministry vowed to impose necessary countermeasures but gave no details. Trump asserted on Twitter that there was no need to rush to get a deal between the world's two biggest economies and later added that the tariffs may or may not be removed depending on what happens with respect to future negotiations. ; A White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, confirmed that the talks had concluded for the day but could not say when they would resume. On Saturday, however, Chinese stat-run media said that three main differences remain in the trade talks, including the removal of all the additional tariffs. China will never yield to the United States side's maximum pressure and will not compromise on matters of principle. The ruling Communist Party's official People's Daily and the official Xinhua News Agency said that in addition to the lifting of the additional tariffs, the differences centred on trade purchases and a balanced text to any trade deal. ( As reported in the news.

market turbulence: Yet the ride-hailing company picked a week for its IPO plagued by market turbulence fueled by U.S.-China trade worries, according to The Japan Times. Moreover, smaller rival Lyft's shares plunged this past week after its first earnings as a public company. ; Uber was the biggest of a group of Silicon Valley startups that have spent years raising money in private rounds at record prices. Uber considered going public for at least four years. Many of these companies are now looking to follow with their own IPO. Some, like Uber and Lyft, are unprofitable. Grocery and food delivery platform Postmates, WeWork owner The We Company and online mattress retailer Casper Sleep are among startups seeking to launch IPOs this year. Workplace messaging company Slack Technologies Inc. plans to hold an investor presentation on Monday in advance of its direct listing next month. ( As reported in the news.

u.s: U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer later that day said that Trump ordered us to begin the process of raising tariffs on essentially all remaining imports from China, which are valued at 300 billion, according to MSNBC. While most of the goods hit with the 25 percent tariff are industrial or component parts to products made in the U.S., a number of consumer goods are also affected, including backpacks, baseball caps, bicycles and luggage. Critics slammed Trump Friday after he raised tariffs from 10 percent to 25 percent on about 200 billion worth of Chinese products. The president on Saturday presented what he viewed as a simple option for affected Americans to get around these tariffs. It's very simple! George Conway, who frequently criticizes the White House, even though his wife is one of its highest-profile staffers, bashed Trump's suggestion. Such an easy way to avoid Tariffs Make or produce your goods and products in the good old USA, Trump tweeted. ( As reported in the news.

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