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carlos ghosn: News of the talks comes as Nissan was set to report on Tuesday its lowest annual operating profit in a decade, hurt by slumping U.S. sales, aging models and a product cycle that's out of sync, according to The Japan Times. The merger proposal came after the most tumultuous few months in the companies' two-decade partnership, which was shaken by the shock arrest of the alliance's chief architect and former chairman, Carlos Ghosn. Talks have been ongoing since Renault Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard first made an informal proposal to Nissan Chief Executive Officer Hiroto Saikawa in April, the source said, asking not to be identified because the discussions aren't public. ; Nissan rebuffed the idea then and has continued to oppose it, the source said. Nissan declined to comment on the discussions. A merger under a holding company won't help solve Nissan's current operational issues, such as high fixed-costs, unprofitable models and flawed Datsun and Infiniti brand strategies, the source said, adding that a new structure will cause delays in addressing these issues because of logistical and regulatory hurdles. Representatives for Renault didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. ( As reported in the news.

change schedule: This change to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 was partly a response to a rapid evidence review by the chief medical officer, which concluded that some medicinal cannabis products were effective for some medical conditions, and partly due to formal advice from the government's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs to change the schedule, according to The Independent. Perhaps a more powerful driver of the rescheduling was a well-organised publicity campaign discussing the treatment of sick children that was compelling, emotional and difficult to challenge. Medicinal cannabis products were moved from schedule 1, meaning they have no medicinal value, to schedule 2, which allowed doctors to prescribe them under certain circumstances. The campaign used confrontational tactics, had large financial backing and privileged access to national media and senior politicians. Meet the nuns who rake in 850k a year growing and selling cannabis Show all 7 Created with Sketch. But did the wave of public support lead to unrealistic expectations about accessing medicinal cannabis Created with Sketch. ( As reported in the news.

china: The size of the Chinese economy was 13.6 trillion in 2018, while that of India's was around 2.8 trillion, according to Global Times China. If India wants to narrow the gap with China in the size of its economy, its annual economic growth must be several times the Chinese growth rate. Regardless of whether it is provocative for some Western media to bring up the topic, it is true that in terms of economic development, the gap between China and India has widened, which is mainly determined by the growth momentum of the two economies. That's very unlikely for India, considering China's still relatively fast growth pace. Since the Modi government has changed the statistical methodology and the base year for calculating GDP, there has always been skepticism surrounding the new growth statistics. Moreover, while Indian GDP growth rates reached 6.7 percent and above over the past five years from 2014 to 2018, statistical reasons may have affected the data. ( As reported in the news.

china: Factual comparison of the economic situations of China and the US reveals the following growth under the Trump administration is extremely slow by US historical standards, while China's economy is growing twice as fast as the US and has greater resilience than the US, and China's methods of macroeconomic control are much stronger than those of the US. These relative situations are confirmed by both the latest economic data and long-term economic trends, according to Global Times China. To accurately analyze US economic dynamics it is necessary to remove false claims made by the US administration. But, in very serious matters, there is no virtue in exaggeration -- there is only virtue in realism. President Trump has repeatedly claimed that America's economy is booming like never before, but when this claim was made to delegates at the UN General Assembly, the Washington Post noted that people actually laughed. Facts show that under President Trump, the US is currently experiencing the slowest economic growth of any presidency since World War II. Using the method by which the US presents data, peak growth under Trump of 4.2 percent in the second quarter of 2018 was significantly lower than the 5.1 percent under Obama, 7.0 percent under George W Bush, or 7.5 percent under Clinton. Such skepticism was justified. ( As reported in the news.

consumer unease: Photo AFP China's shoppers remained active in the first quarter of 2019, with a measure of consumer sentiment standing near a record high of 115, a two-point increase from the fourth quarter of 2018, a report showed, according to Global Times China. Experts noted that steady consumption, while pushing for a supply side upgrade, bodes well for the steady growth of China's economy. Malaysia on Wednesday began implementation of a 6 percent consumption tax aimed at plugging a leaky tax-collection system and addressing a widening fiscal deficit, but the move has sparked consumer unease. According to the report, released by global performance management company Nielsen on Friday, the Consumer Trend Index CTI has three components -- job prospects, willingness to spend and personal financial conditions, all of which improved significantly from the prior quarter. Willingness to spend increased three points to 61, and personal finance was up three points to 70. Job prospects increased five points to 79 points. ( As reported in the news.

customers: Rumours circulated on community Whats App groups in London claiming that Metro Bank was trying to take ownership of customers' possessions, according to The Independent. ISOCountry Groups euro at be cy ee fi fr de gr ie it lv lt lu mc mt nl pt sk si sm es va uk gb us us variants 1 33.4, 2 33.3, 3 33.3 We'll tell you what's true. Hundreds of Metro Bank customers queued outside some west London branches over the weekend, prompted by Whats App messages advising people to withdraw money from accounts and safety deposit boxes. You can form your own view. Subscribe now Panic began to spread as photos were posted on Twitter showing customers queueing to access their accounts. From 15p 0.18 0.18 USD 0.27 a day, more exclusives, analysis and extras. ( As reported in the news.

dow jones: The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, 0.82% posted its worst week since March, according to Market Watch. This week isn't starting off any better. While Friday's session delivered a nice little breather from all the selling, the Nasdaq Composite COMP, 1.14% and S&P 500 SPX, 0.80% still closed with their worst weekly decline of the year. Yet, despite some pretty wicked pullbacks over the past few sessions, volatility is still historically VIX, 0.17% low and sentiment indicators are showing that investors remain unfazed. The indicators in past weeks have been warning that the stock market would remain highly volatile because investors, who historically are wrong, were overly optimistic, writes Brad Lamensdorf, the man behind the Advisor Shares Ranger Equity Bear ETF HDGE, -1.20% Sure enough, confirming the market's vulnerability, Trump's China tariffs triggered this past week's retreat. For the Wall Street pros who tend to look through a contrarian lens, there's more red ink to be spilled. ( As reported in the news.

keyup listener: Photo Business Wire Multimedia Gallery URLMoreBRYN MAWR, Pa.-- BUSINESS WIRE --In conjunction with Infrastructure Week, Aqua highlights life-improving projects taking place in the communities it serves Aqua America Inc, according to The Independent. WTR is recognizing the seventh annual Infrastructure Week, May 13-20, 2019, helping raise awareness of the critical state of infrastructure across the United States. Search first keyup' ; ; listener ; ;No matching results for ''Tip Try a valid symbol or a specific company name for relevant results Give feedback on the new search experience Cancel Sign in Mailif window.performance window.performance.mark && && Finance Techif window.performance window.performance.mark && && U.S. Markets open in 4 hrs 23 minsS&P window.performance window.performance.mark && && window.performance window.performance.mark && && window.performance window.performance.mark && && window.performance window.performance.mark && && window.performance window.performance.mark && && window.performance window.performance.mark && && window.performance window.performance.mark && && America Plans Over 555 Million in Capital Investment in 2019if window.performance window.performance.mark && && Wire May 13, 2019if window.performance window.performance.mark && && window.performance window.performance.mark && && window.performance window.performance.mark && && window.performance window.performance.mark && && plans to invest more than 555 million in 2019 to improve its water and wastewater systems. A leading contributor to water and wastewater infrastructure repair and replacement, Aqua plans to invest more than 555 million this year across the eight states where the company operates to improve systems. View the full release here one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in the country, Aqua is committed to thoughtful and continuous investment in the infrastructure that delivers water and wastewater service to our customers safely and reliably, said Aqua Chairman and CEO Christopher Franklin. This press release features multimedia. ( As reported in the news.

climate change: The resolution is thought to represent the strongest level of support for a climate-related resolution at a major publicly listed company, according to The Guardian. Under the Climate Action 100 resolution, BP will have to provide a detailed strategy on how it will comply with the Paris agreement, the global deal reached in 2015 on climate change that aims to limit global warming to only 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels. Investors holding just under a tenth of all BP shares, equivalent to more than 10bn in value at Monday's prices, put their names to the shareholder resolution, to be voted on at the company's annual meeting next week, the Climate Action 100 investor group revealed on Tuesday. Seven of the top 20 BP shareholders co-filed the resolution, including the UK's biggest asset manager, Legal & General Investment Management, as well as Aviva Investors and M&G Investments. Steve Waygood, chief responsible investment officer at Aviva Investors, described the resolution as only the first step in tackling the climate emergency. Other major investors who signed up to the resolution included Royal London Asset Management, Schroders, UBS Asset Management, Jupiter Asset Management and the pension funds of the churches of England, Scotland and Wales. ( As reported in the news.

dyck: Onex's friendly deal to buy West Jet Airlines is valued at 5 billion, including assumed debt, according to The Toronto Star. Darryl Dyck / THE CANADIAN PRESS file photo The price represents about a 67 per cent premium to the shares, which closed Friday at 18.52 roughly the same price it reached the year of its initial public offering. Under the agreement announced Monday, Onex will pay 31 per share for West Jet, which will operate as a privately held company after two decades on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The stock closed up nearly 60 per cent or 11.09 at 29.61 on Monday. Tawfiq Popatia, a managing director at Toronto-based Onex, expressed confidence in the airline's trajectory, which has seen it evolve from a low-cost regional carrier to a full-service international airline targeting higher-yield business passengers. The two companies said the deal, worth about 5 billion including debt, will be subject to a shareholder vote, likely in July, and close in the second half of 2019 or early 2020. ( As reported in the news.

commission money: Andrew Matthews, 38, exploited the bank's introducer scheme, using it to funnel commission money to himself and a friend between 2012 and 2016, according to Nine News Australia. He was ordered to serve eight months behind bars, plus an additional 28-month suspended sentence, by the Victorian County Court today. To improve your experience update it banker jailed for 640k fraud By AAP5 47pm May 13, 2019Facebook Tweet MailA former Victorian banker who defrauded NAB of more than 640,000 and bought a Ferrari using the loot has been jailed. AAP 2019Continue USSend your photos, videos and stories to 9News News How to know when a job requires a handyman or a trades person - set Timeout function if !window. PLISTA publickey item banker jailed for 640k ; function var 2000 ; Top Stories'Devoted father' from Sydney killed in Alaska plane crashan hour ago Aussies could get rare glimpse of Aurora Australis this weekUPDATEMan 'who threatened police with knife' shot at train stationan hour agoA CURRENT AFFAIRFooty star's wife cancels anti-vax seminars34 minutes ago PLISTA window. ( As reported in the news.

dressings: It's commonly found in products like chewing gum, toothpaste, mayonnaise, dressings and some lollies, according to Nine News Australia. Unlike other food colourings, which are chemical based, 171 contains nanoparticles. To improve your experience update it here News National Food additive found in 1000 supermarket products could have 'substantial and harmful influence on human health By Kate Creedon Reporter6 34pm May 13, 2019Facebook Tweet Mail An additive found in nearly 1000 supermarket products may have a substantial and harmful influence on human health according to Sydney researchers. 171 - also known as titanium dioxide - is a colouring used give a white, opaque or cloudy effect or a solid coating. Nanoparticles are microscopic particles found in all sorts of products, like scratchproof sunglasses, car paint, some sunscreens and medicines. We've been exposed to nanoparticles all our lives, however we are sort of entering the stage where we are over-exposed, he told 9 NEWS. Researchers at the University of Sydney say the consumption of nanoparticles have been linked to auto-immune disease, asthma, allergies and reproductive issues. 9news They should be aware of the potential risk associated with these products and maybe when possible limit the consumption of these products. Almost 1000 supermarket products contain 171, also known as titanium oxide, which contains nanoparticles. 9news A study by researchers from the University of Sydney, published today in Frontiers in Nutrition, found 171 can impact the gut microbiota and could lead to inflammatory bowel diseases or colorectal cancer . Co-lead author Associate Profession Wojciech Chrzanowski says consumption of nanoparticles have also been linked to auto-immune disease, asthma, allergies and reproductive issues. ( As reported in the news.

economies retaliation: That comes after the United States hiked tariffs from 10% to 25% on 200 billion worth of Chinese exports on Friday following a breakdown in trade talks between the world's top two economies, according to CNN. Retaliation by China came as little surprise. China said it would raise tariffs on 60 billion worth of US goods from June 1. Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump's top economic adviser, said Sunday that US officials expected China to retaliate for the tariff hike the Trump administration imposed last week. Asian stocks dipped lower on Monday, with Japan's Nikkei Index N225 dropping around 0.7% and the Shanghai Composite Index SHCOMP closing more than 1% lower. China will never yield to external pressure and is determined to protect its rights, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Geng Shuang, said earlier Monday. ( As reported in the news.

media society: Celebrities from politics, business, media and society attended the event, including Deutsche Welle director Peter Limbourg DW are a co-partner of the event former constitutional judge Udo Di Fabio, CEO of Deutsche Telekom Timotheus H ttges, the Bonn NRW member of parliament, Christos Katzidis, and current RTL chief presenter Peter Kloeppel, according to Deutsche Welle. The presenter for the night, ARD's Anja Br ker, noted that the event raised 240,000, a new donation record for the German AIDS Foundation. For the charity event, international singers, musicians and dancers performed without pay and many sang arias from their favorite operas. Read more German AIDS Foundation hosts 8th charity opera gala in Bonn Olena Tokar and Airam Hernandez sing a duet from Verdi's La Traviata Singing of hope Among the high-caliber performers were the sopranos Ruth Iniesta, Olena Tokar and Veronika Dzhioeva, while the mezzo-soprano and renowned Rossini interpreter, Lilly Jorstad, also thrilled as Cinderella. Spanish tenor Airam Hernandez chose Una furtiva lagrima A Furtive Tear from Donizetti's Love Potion, for which he received extended applause. Bassist Alexander Roslavets impressed with his sonorous voice in Verdi's Macbeth and Beethoven's Fidelio, while baritone Mattia Olivieri convinced with his take on Ford's Aria from Verdi's Falstaff. ( As reported in the news.

tariff fight: The Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, 1.14% sank 269.92 points, or 3.4%, to 7,647.02, marking its biggest one-day loss for 2019, according to Market Watch. What drove the market Tensions that drove volatility for stocks last week returned as investors weighed an escalating tariff fight that could pose risks to the U.S., Chinese and global economies. How did the benchmark indexes fare The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, 0.82% tumbled 617.38 points, or 2.4%, to 25,324.99 and the S&P 500 index SPX, 0.80% dropped 69.53 points, or 2.4%, to 2,811.87. Check out Here are the stocks to buy if an all-out U.S.-China trade war erupts, says Goldman After raising tariffs on 200 billion worth of annual Chinese imports to 25% from 10% on Friday, the Trump administration said it was ready to impose higher tariffs on another roughly 300 billion of goods, or nearly all the remaining products Americans buy from the world's second-largest economy. See Here's how hard the tariff fight could hit the economy Chinese state-ran media over the weekend published several editorials blasting the U.S. stance and vowed that Beijing would stand firm in the talks. Need to Know Almost time for investors to take major defensive action,' fund manager warns On Monday, Chinese officials announced retaliatory tariffs against the U.S., hitting 60 billion in annual exports to China with new or expanded duties that could reach 25%. In several tweets over the weekend and early Monday, President Donald Trump argued that the U.S. was in an advantageous position on trade, though White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow admitted Sunday that both sides will feel the pain. ( As reported in the news.

traders: The euro was at 1.1229-1230, up from 1.1225-1226, and at 123.11-12, down from 123.21-22. ; The dollar eased to levels below 109.70 in early trading following a drop in U.S. stock index futures in off-hours trading, traders said, according to The Japan Times. The greenback briefly fell below 109.60 after a weak start of the Nikkei 225 stock average. At 5 p.m., the dollar stood at 109.64-64, down from 109.76-76 at the same time Friday. But the dollar rose above 109.70 in midmorning trading thanks to buying by Japanese importers, traders said. The U.S. currency fluctuated mostly around 109.70-80 in the afternoon amid a dearth of fresh trading incentives, traders said. A pause in Tokyo stock falls also triggered dollar buybacks, an official of a foreign exchange margin trading service firm said. ( As reported in the news.

uber uber: Remember that the Facebook and Amazon post-IPO trading was incredibly difficult for those companies, according to Market Watch. And look at how they have delivered since. The good cheer was likely needed as employees some of whom received stock grants at higher prices than even the IPO price, much less the current going rate started slashing their expected returns with Uber UBER, 7.71%stock falling more than 10% Monday. Our road will be the same. Amazon's AMZN, 0.96% large losses and avowed disinterest in valuing profitability instead of building for the future hurt it with investors for years after the dot-com crash, before continuing revenue growth and the launch of the Amazon Web Services cloud-computing service helped prices to recover and eventually soar again. Facebook FB, -0.45% the last U.S. tech company to bring in more money in an IPO than Uber, struggled mightily in its first year on Wall Street amid doubts that it would survive the massive shift to mobile that was hitting warp speed when it went public in 2012. ( As reported in the news.

vetting technology: These facilities typically employ more than 2,000 people, according to The Japan Times. That would amount to more than 1,300 cuts across 55 U.S. fulfillment centers for standard-sized inventory. The company started adding technology to a handful of warehouses in recent years that scans goods coming down a conveyor belt and envelops them seconds later in boxes custom-built for each item, two people who worked on the project told Reuters. ; Amazon has considered installing two machines at dozens more warehouses, removing at least 24 roles at each one, these people said. Amazon would expect to recover the costs in under two years, at 1 million per machine plus operational expenses, they said. The changes are not finalized because vetting technology before a major deployment can take a long time. The plan, previously unreported, shows how Amazon is pushing to reduce labor and boost profits as automation of the most common warehouse task picking up an item is still beyond its reach. ( As reported in the news.

expense: Pakistan is facing a challenging economic environment, with lackluster growth, elevated inflation, high indebtedness, and a weak external position, IMF representative Ernesto Ramirez Rigo said in statement, according to CNN. This reflects the legacy of uneven and procyclical economic policies in recent years aiming to boost growth, but at the expense of rising vulnerabilities and lingering structural and institutional weaknesses. The bailout comes despite new Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan previously saying he would not seek another bailout from the IMF, as he targeted alternative funding from the Middle East and China. The authorities recognize the need to address these challenges, as well as to tackle the large informality in the economy, the low spending in human capital, and poverty. Read More The IMF has been criticized in the past for imposing strict austerity on receiver nations, forcing governments to cut social programs and privatize national industries. Khan met with IMF director Christine Lagarde in February, as he sought to secure funding from the agency despite being a longterm critic of its previous dealings in Pakistan. ( As reported in the news.

forces: The MEC generates significant revenue for the Myanmar military, known as the Tatmadaw, according to The Guardian. The Australian human rights lawyer Chris Sidoti is one of three authors of the UN report, which called for senior members of Myanmar's armed forces to be prosecuted for genocide against the country's Rohingya Muslim community. The Indian conglomerate behind the controversial Carmichael coal project in north Queensland was granted permission in April to develop a container port in Yangon, on land owned by the Myanmar Economic Corporation. The full report, published in 2018, recommended that no business should enter into an economic relationship with Myanmar's security forces or any enterprise they control. Adani says its deal violates no Australian, US, UN or other international sanctions, and rejected suggestions the investment was unethical or would compromise human rights. We will lose any hope of going home' Rohingya live in fear of resettlement Read more Speaking to the Guardian, Sidoti said Through this project, Australian coal will be helping to fund the operations of the Tatmadaw and enriching the generals in Myanmar. ( As reported in the news.

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metro bank: Why is Metro Bank in the headlines The bank, which has 1.7 million customers and 67 branches in London and the south-east, is dealing with the fallout from the accounting blunder, which is being investigated by two financial regulators, according to The Guardian. It then announced a 350m capital raising to fund growth, having tapped investors for an extra 300m last summer. Shares in the bank have lost three-quarters of their value since it revealed a major accounting error in January. This was followed by a poor first quarter of 2019 when profits halved to 4.3m, as the bank revealed that a small number of large business customers had left. Banks have to set aside more capital for riskier products, to ensure they can survive in a sudden downturn. The Prudential Regulation Authority spotted the accounting error, which meant a large chunk of commercial property loans and loans to commercial buy-to-let operators had been wrongly classified as lower risk. ( As reported in the news.

people: He pointed out to guest and former Republican National Committee RNC Chair Michael Steele that many of Trump's economic, trade and immigration policies are at odds with those championed by more traditional conservatives like former President Ronald Reagan, according to MSNBC. I'm so amused by people who come up to me and say You used to be a Republican and I used to support your views,' Scarborough explained. Scarborough, who formerly served as a Republican representative in Congress but now identifies as an independent, lit into Trump on Monday morning and rebuked GOP politicians for adopting his policy positions. I say Well, my views haven't changed. I'm still for free trade, you're not. I'm still for balanced budgets, you're not. ( As reported in the news.

arab emirates: Then he moved to the United Arab Emirates, but Dubai's costs seemed impossible. ; So, two years ago, he moved to Turkey and opened a restaurant in Istanbul's Esenyurt neighborhood, taking advantage of the country's relatively open business environment for refugees, according to The Japan Times. I have 15 people working for me in this restaurant. He headed to Saudi Arabia, where he opened a restaurant but, as refugees, his children had difficulty getting into a school. They are Afghans, Iranians and Turks. Over 60 percent of our customers are Afghans living here. I have invested about 120,000 in this restaurant so far, Burhan, 52, said at his Afghan kebab establishment. ( As reported in the news.

baluchistan: Police said that in addition to the guard killed by the attackers, at least two other people were wounded but there was no final casualty total. ; The military said at least three gunmen killed a guard at the entrance to the hotel when they entered, according to The Japan Times. Security forces cordoned off the area and cornered the attackers in a staircase leading to the top floor, the military said in a statement. Baluchistan Home Minister Ziaullah Langove said most guests were evacuated from the five-star Pearl Continental Hotel, which helicopters circled as fighting was under way. The Baluchistan Liberation Army, a group fighting for greater autonomy in Pakistan's poorest province whose resources it says are exploited for outside interests, claimed responsibility in an emailed statement that said the attack was aimed at Chinese and other foreign investors. Prime Minister Imran Khan issued a statement condemning the attack. A Twitter account apparently run by the insurgents said the attackers had achieved all their targets but there was no official confirmation that the fighting was over and officials said security forces were ensuring no surviving attackers remained concealed. ( As reported in the news.

adulthood: But, a new set of financial skills are required to thrive in adulthood, according to The Toronto Star. Getting a handle on your money after graduation will make you financially resilient, create choices for your future and make you a much happier person. For the past four to six years, a solid majority have been on a tuition treadmill and scraping by to make ends meet. Here are seven smart money moves you can make as a new graduate that will drastically improve your finances. So, whether you're lucky and already have a great job, or if you're still looking for employment, continue to apply the frugal skills you learned while you were a student. Budgeting is a skill you'll need for your lifetime and effective budgeting means that you spend only what you make David Franklin / Dreamstime Don't stop living frugal It might surprise you to learn that frugality, which means stretching your dollars as far as they can go, is cited as one of the top skills self-made-millionaires use to build wealth. ( As reported in the news.

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