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crunch point: The retail sector is facing particular scrutiny from short sellers, who in effect wager significant sums on certain shares falling in value, according to The Guardian. Uncertainty among consumers, with the Brexit process reaching a crunch point, comes at a time when retailers are already struggling to adjust to the move from physical shops to online. Odey Asset Management, part-owned by Crispin Odey, and Marshall Wace, part-owned by Sir Paul Marshall, have declared short positions against consumer-exposed companies, including retailers, estate agents and banks, equivalent to 149m and 572m respectively as rising political uncertainty threatens the economy. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Crispin Odey, a strong backer of Brexit. He also holds a position against struggling department store Debenhams that is worth 5.3m. Photograph Andy Sewell for the Guardian The hedge fund run by Odey, one of the most outspoken of the Brexit-backing hedge fund managers, holds a short position in Intu the owner of shopping malls including the Trafford Centre in Greater Manchester that represented 33m worth of shares in the company at the end of last week. ( As reported in the news.

pension funds: The investors include some of the world's biggest pension funds, insurers and asset managers and marks the largest such intervention to date, according to The Guardian. They say fossil fuel subsidies must end and substantial taxes on carbon be introduced. Without these, the world faces a financial crash several times worse than the 2008 crisis, they said. Brutal news' global carbon emissions jump to all-time high in 2018Read more Ministers arrive at the UN climate summit in Katowice, Poland, on Monday for its crucial second week, when the negotiations on turning the vision of the Paris agreement into reality reach a critical point, with finance for fighting global warming a key area of dispute. This is a recipe for disaster as the impacts of climate change can be sudden, severe and catastrophic. The long-term nature of the challenge has, in our view, met a zombie-like response by many, said Chris Newton, of IFM Investors which manages 80bn and is one of the 415 groups that has signed the Global Investor Statement. ( As reported in the news.

pension: Signatories to the letters, coordinated by the Share Action campaign group, include the Strathclyde Pension Fund, which is run by Glasgow city council, Hermes Investment Management and Nest, the state-backed workplace pension scheme, according to The Guardian. The investors have also targeted construction firms, which are particularly vulnerable to precarious work and low pay Share Action said. The chief executives of the utilities firms Severn Trent and United Utilities, homeware retailer Dunelm Group and telecoms firm Vodafone have received letters saying that paying the living wage to all staff and key contractors is the hallmark of a responsible business. Along with Balfour Beatty, the chief executives of Bellway, Bovis Homes and Crest Nicholson have received the letters. More must pay it Paul Butler Read more Only 37 of the firms in the FTSE 100 are living wage-accredited employers, while the number of Britons earning less than the living wage has risen to around 6 million people, according to the Living Wage Foundation, which sets the voluntary pay benchmark. The living wage is a powerful weapon against poverty. ( As reported in the news.

term: Patel's term was due to expire in September 2019, according to CNN. On account of personal reasons, I have decided to step down from my current position, Patel said in a statement. Governor Urjit Patel announced Monday that he was stepping down from his post, effective immediately. It has been my privilege and honor to serve in the Reserve Bank of India. Modi had reportedly been leaning on the RBI to relax lending criteria and use excess funds to boost economic growth before national elections next year. The surprise resignation comes just weeks after senior RBI officials warned the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi against threatening the central bank's autonomy. ( As reported in the news.

comcast corp: Timucuan Asset Management Inc who had been investing in Comcast Corp New Cl A for a number of months, seems to be bullish on the 170.20B market cap company, according to MSNBC. The stock decreased 1.24% or 0.47 during the last trading session, reaching 37.41. The hedge fund held 3.39M shares of the television services company at the end of 2018Q2, valued at 111.33 million, up from 3.35M at the end of the previous reported quarter. About 20.54 million shares traded. It has underperformed by 20.40% the S&P500. Comcast Corporation CMCSA has declined 4.78% since December 9, 2017 and is downtrending. ( As reported in the news.

fleming house: The house was burned quite severely, with the worst damage being to the siding and the interior, according to The Toronto Star. City of Kelowna The city's website says Fleming House is a two-storey structure built from hand-hewn pine logs in 1871 by Frederick Brent. In a close vote last week, the city decided to earmark 29,000 for the construction of a temporary roof to protect Fleming House from the elements. It says Brent also constructed the Grist Mill, which is the oldest Grist Mill in British Columbia. The house's squared logs are about 35 centimetres high and 17 centimetres thick, it says. The site says the farmhouse is a rare structure from that era, because there was little construction during the recession. ( As reported in the news.

jumilla: A 1-1 draw with their provincial rivals Real Murcia last week cemented Jumilla's place in mid table of Segunda B Spanish football's third tier as Leonel Pontes selected the goalkeeper Jack Ruddy, the midfielders Will Randall and Ben Stevenson and the striker Donovan Wilson in his starting lineup, according to The Guardian. They are four of the nine players who are spending the season on loan as part of the link-up with Wolves, which was agreed only two weeks before the transfer window closed in August. But three months after the surprise announcement that the local football team had entered into a partnership with a Premier League side located nearly 1,400 miles away, things are beginning to look up for Los Vin colas. Ajax's Frenkie de Jong I try to have a picture of where everyone is'Read more The partnership was established quite urgently, admits Steven Lee, who, like his business partner Tang Hui, made his name as a football commentator in China before buying Jumilla with him in 2016. We will see how everything goes in the first season. The beginning is always the most difficult we aim to have a long-term plan but in China we prefer to do things step by step. ( As reported in the news.

huawei executive: In a statement on Sunday, China's vice minister of foreign affairs, Le Yucheng, said the US ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, is being summoned over Beijing's strong protest against the US's unreasonable direction to Canada of detaining the Huawei executive, according to CNN. Le said China would like the United States to revoke the arrest warrant against Meng and allow her to be freed. The tech giant's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested December 1 and faces extradition to the United States, where she is accused of helping Huawei circumvent US sanctions on Iran. In a statement Saturday summoning Canadian Ambassador to China John McCallum, Le said Meng's arrest severely violated the Chinese citizen's legal and legitimate rights and interests, it is lawless, reasonless and ruthless, and it is extremely vicious. Read More China strongly urges Canada to release the detainee immediately and earnestly protest the person's legal and legitimate rights and interests, otherwise it will definitely have serious consequences, and the Canadian side will have to bear the full responsibility for it, Le said in the statement. The statement also warned Canada of serious consequences if it doesn't release Meng. ( As reported in the news.

opinion articles: Follow her sam vinograd, according to CNN. The views expressed in this commentary are her own. She served on President Obama's National Security Council from 2009-2013 and at the Treasury Department under President George W. Bush. View more opinion articles on CNN. ( As reported in the news.

jim: Trump is having lunch with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, according to MSNBC. The president will participate in an Opportunity Zones event. Facebook Twitter Google Email Print POLITICO Playbook Mueller fallout By JAKE SHERMAN, ANNA PALMER and DANIEL LIPPMAN 12/09/2018 11 07 AM ESTPresented by Gerald Herbert/AP Photo THE PRESIDENT' President Donald Trump is having lunch with Vice President Mike Pence. Trump will meet with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and have a discussion with governors-elect.SUNDAY BEST JAKE TAPPER spoke with REP. JERRY NADLER D-N.Y. on CNN'S STATE OF THE UNION If it is proven that the president directed or coordinated with Michael Cohen to commit these felonies, if it's proven -- and I understand it has not yet been -- it's been alleged by the prosecutors, but has not been proven. Whether they are important enough to justify an impeachment is a different question. If it's proven, is -- are those impeachable offenses Well, they would be impeachable offenses. ( As reported in the news.

nation: As far as I am concerned it is a hard deadline, Lighthizer told CBS's Face the Nation, according to The Guardian. When I talk to the president of the United States he is not talking about going beyond March. China summons US ambassador over Huawei CFO's arrest Read more Global markets are jittery about a collision between the world's two largest economic powers over China's huge trade surplus with the US and US claims that China is stealing intellectual property and technology. Sign up for the new US morning briefing That was a reference to Trump's recent decision to delay new tariffs while talks proceed. After a turbulent week in markets, investors can be reassured that if there is a deal that can be made that will assure the protection of US technology and get additional market access the president wants us to do it Lighthizer said. The way this is set up is that at the end of 90 days, these tariffs will be raised, said Lighthizer, who has been tapped to lead the talks and appeared to tamp down expectations that the negotiation period could be extended. ( As reported in the news.

round none: Squeaky bum time all round, according to The Guardian. None of this really has much to do with May's doomed Brexit agreement, because the City has known since the minute the deal was signed that it had zero chance of getting parliamentary approval. The drama at Westminster has been mirrored by drama on stock markets, with share prices tumbling and money flooding into the customary safe haven assets gold and government bonds. Investors will only really get interested in events at Westminster if defeat for May is followed by a period of political paralysis or even worse as far as the financial markets are concerned the prospect of a Labour government. Markets are jittery but not because of the slim chance of a no-deal Brexit. For the time being, therefore, Britain is a bit of sideshow. ( As reported in the news.

vest protesters: The meetings will come ahead of Macron's address to the nation which is expected to center around national unity, according to CNN. Macron is anticipated to urge the gilets jaunes, or yellow vest protesters to seek dialogue after a weekend in which 1,723 people were taken in for questioning and 1,220 were taken into custody, according to the Interior Ministry. Macron, who will also meet political leaders and local officials, wants to hear their voices, their proposals and with the aim of mobilizing them to act, a spokeswoman for the Elysee Palace said Sunday. Across the country, 135 people were reported wounded. Further pressure grew over the weekend with police firing rubber bullets and hundreds of canisters of tear gas at the demonstrators, some of whom set vehicles on fire during Saturday's protests. A demonstrator wearing a yellow vest is covered in blood after being injured during a protest in Paris on Saturday. context Image Object name A demonstrator wearing a yellow vest is covered in blood after being injured during a protest in Paris on A demonstrator wearing a yellow vest is covered in blood after being injured during a protest in Paris on Saturday. url Macron is facing criticism from both left and right with demonstrators marching against the rise of living costs, the scrapping of the fortune tax and accusations that the former banker has done little to address the inequality in French society. ( As reported in the news.

german: TUI Fly, the company's German counterpart, came in fourth, according to The Guardian. Atmosfair also found that only one in 10 airlines worldwide were succeeding in keeping their greenhouse gas emissions constant while achieving economic growth. The most efficient new aircraft models, such as the Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350-900 and A320neo, can achieve substantial carbon savings over older models, but no airlines have invested sufficiently in the new types to reach the top levels of energy efficiency, according to a ranking by Atmosfair, a German NGO. In the annual Atmosfair Airline Index for 2018, published on Saturday, no airlines received an A for efficiency, and only two airlines were ranked in efficiency class B. TUI Airways, the British holiday airline, came top of the rankings for the second year running, reaching just under 80% of the possible optimum level of carbon emissions. Among these were Thai Airways, Finnair, American Airlines and All Nippon Airlines. British Airways was placed at 74th, with an efficiency rating of D, behind companies such as Aeroflot and Aeromexico. Airline CO2 emission rankings Dietrich Brockhagen, executive director of Atmosfair, said Our results show that the efficiency improvements of the vast majority of airlines worldwide is not sufficient to keep within the 2C or 1.5C target of the Paris agreement . We need new, synthetic and CO2-neutral fuels and other more radical measures to curb CO2 emissions in the sector. ( As reported in the news.

information: While much could go wrong before any sale is completed and some observers remain sceptical as to Ashley's true intentions the manager believes Newcastle are well worth buying for an asking price around 350m bracket, according to The Guardian. I don't have much information about a takeover but it's very clear this club has the potential to be one of the top sides, said Ben tez as he prepared for Sunday's meeting with Wolves at St James' Park. Although no exclusivity deal has yet been signed there is apparent interest from the United States with one transatlantic consortium led by Peter Kenyon, the former Manchester United and Chelsea chief executive Turkey and the Middle East. Newcastle United v Wolverhampton Wanderers match preview Read more For me, Newcastle has to be in the top six or, easily, the top eight and play in Europe again. I've seen some people criticising the north-east but it's an area with great potential. You can attract anyone here. ( As reported in the news.

courtroom sketch: The arrest, carried out at the request of authorities in the United States, has infuriated the Chinese government and worsened pre-existing tensions between the two global heavyweights, according to The Toronto Star. In this courtroom sketch, Meng Wanzhou, back right, the chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies, sits beside a translator during a bail hearing at B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Friday. Meng Wanzhou was taken into custody on Dec. 1 at the Vancouver airport. Jane Wolsak / THE CANADIAN PRESS On Friday, the first day of Meng's bail hearing at the B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver, Crown prosecutors revealed the nature of the claims for the first time. The U.S. authorities allege Meng committed fraud by telling an HSBC executive her company was in compliance with U.S. sanctions against Iran limiting communication technology. A warrant from the Eastern District of New York alleges Meng knew Huawei was operating a company called Sky Com to do business with Iran, which has been subject to U.S. sanctions since 1979. ( As reported in the news.

much-criticised operation: Britain's youth will never forgive us for Brexit, says Lord Heseltine Read more Eyecatching promises to spend billions on left-behind communities, the NHS and areas affected by high levels of migration are among the ideas being developed by campaigners keen on avoiding the mistakes of the much-criticised 2016 operation, according to The Guardian. With Theresa May under pressure from her cabinet to delay a vote on her Brexit deal, figures on both sides of the debate are now planning how they could win a second public vote should a referendum emerge as the only way to break the political deadlock. In anticipation of a fresh poll, they are developing plans for a grassroots campaign that will operate without a traditional figurehead. Leave donors and pro-Brexit MPs are already said to have held talks about how to fight for a hard Brexit. There needs to be a positive vision and a message that things won't just stay the same should the country back Remain, said one senior strategist. The Remain camp is desperate not to repeat the mistakes of the last campaign to keep Britain in the EU, which was labelled Project Fear for its alarmist predictions about the consequences of leaving the bloc. ( As reported in the news.

bush: Many journalists used their reporting and commentary on the death of President George H.W. Bush as an opportunity to attack President Trump, according to MSNBC. Columbia Journalism Review's daily newsletter stated In Bush's case, that coverage has been dominated by favorable comparisons to President Trump. All market data delayed 20 1 day ago Media use coverage of Bush funeral to criticize Trump By Dan Gainor Fox Hume media's loathing of Trump does not compare to Bush administrations. That was an understatement.CNN turned to reliably liberal Patti Davis, President Reagan's daughter, to criticize President Trump. CBS reported the pivotal news that the Trumps and Clintons did not shake hands. She predictably complained about the loss of dignity associated with the presidency under President Trump. ( As reported in the news.

kilimnik: Mueller has said Kilimnik has ties to the Russian military intelligence unit accused of hacking the Democrats, and they've previously outlined how the two men may have worked together to tamper with witnesses following Manafort's arrest last year, according to CNN. The accusations by Mueller add to growing signs that the special counsel's team has a wealth of evidence about contacts between people close to Trump -- even in the White House -- and Russians during the 2016 campaign. Prosecutors want 'substantial term of imprisonment' for Michael Cohen In a heavily redacted document, Mueller also said Manafort lied about his interactions with Konstantin Kilimnik. The document also contains the stunning disclosure that Mueller can show, including with text messages, that Manafort was in contact with Trump administration officials early this year -- even after he was indicted in late 2017. Read More Mueller last week accused Manafort of lying during his interviews, saying that his actions during his cooperation were criminal and breached his plea agreement. The new and damaging information for the White House comes at a time when every move by Mueller appears to bring his investigation deeper into the White House and Trump's inner circle, and shows it has expanded well beyond what may or may not have happened in the 2016 campaign. ( As reported in the news.

cnn: Tokyo CNN One of the first concepts Linh Nguyen learned while studying Japanese was uchi-soto, according to CNN. It refers to the practice of categorizing people into one of two groups -- insiders or outsiders. None of the material in this series may be reproduced without an explicit credit to CNN and the Pulitzer Center. Family, friends and close acquaintances are insiders, referred to as uchi, while soto is for those relegated to the periphery. The first, renewable for up to 5 years, would cover semi-qualified, blue-collar workers, and is aimed at plugging gaps in areas such as care-giving and manufacturing. Japan's new immigration lawA proposed amendment to the immigration law, if passed, will create two new visas for foreign workers. ( As reported in the news.

world: France 2019 What you need to know about the Women's World Cup And World No. 1 and defending champion United States has drawn Sweden in the group stage for the fifth straight time -- and sixth since 1991 -- in women's football's biggest event, according to CNN. The draw for the competition's eighth edition took place Saturday evening at La Seine Musicale arts center in Paris. England has been drawn into a competitively and geographically interesting group The bronze medalists from last tournament are with 2015 runners-up Japan as well as rival neighbors and Women's World Cup debutants Scotland. Twenty-four teams were drawn into six groups for the tournament, which will be held in nine French host cities from June 7 to July 7. Read More The groups are with FIFA world rankings in parentheses beside the country Group A France 3 South Korea 14 Norway 13 Nigeria 39 If the hosts win, France would become the first nation to simultaneously hold women's and men's World Cup titles. Each team will play each member of their group, before the top two in each group and some third-place teams advance to a knockout stage. ( As reported in the news.

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china: The volatility put a spotlight on doubts about Trump's ability to deliver on his promises with China -- and exposed a clash between his policy goals in China and his efforts to crack down on technology companies and other actors, according to CNN. The Dow crashed by as much as 785 points before recovering on Thursday. Instead, the detention of Chinese tech giant Huawei's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, in Vancouver, British Columbia, triggered a market meltdown Thursday amid uncertainty about whether President Donald Trump can strike a lasting trade deal with Beijing. It had slipped nearly 800 points earlier this week on investor concerns about the status of the trade talks. Trump changes his tone on China deal after market slide Markets were already nervous before this arrest information came out, said David Dollar, a senior fellow in the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution who was an economic and financial emissary to China for the Treasury Department under President Barack Obama. The drop came despite clear statements from Beijing indicating that President Xi Jinping intends to move ahead with the trade talks as planned. ( As reported in the news.

downgrade: If the plan is put in place, tunnels will not be made big enough to carry modern freight trains and not enough additional track will be laid to allow fast trains to overtake slow services, according to The Guardian. It will be a downgrade of another downgrade, according to the shadow rail minister, Rachael Maskell, who said shewas passed information from well-placed sources. In recent briefings, Department for Transport officials have told stakeholders that its Board Investment and Commercial Committee BICC has recommended to Chris Grayling that the 76-mile Trans Pennine route between Leeds and Manchester should not be fully electrified. Reliability and capacity has been taken off the table, she said, accusing Grayling of ruining all of the Trans Pennine ambition. Demand for northern freight transport is also expected to increase, particularly if Brexit pushes ships away from the Dover crossing and up to ports on the Humber and in north-east England. If Grayling follows the advice, critics warn it would undermine the government's oft-stated claim that the 2.9bn upgrade would deliver faster, longer, more frequent and more reliable services across the north of England, from Newcastle, Hull and York towards Manchester and Liverpool via Leeds . Millions of passengers use the key northern route across the Pennines and passenger numbers are expected to double over the next 20 years. ( As reported in the news.

episode: The special guest was fitting, as it was a special episode, according to MSNBC. Why Because this is our 100th episode, a milestone that would have probably seemed a silly idea back when we started the show. This week we had Connie Loizos in the studio along with Kate Clark, myself and a special guest. This week our first guest, Saa Str founder and venture capitalist Jason Lemkin came back on the show. This time it was ridesharing liquidity, ridesharing M&A and more. When he first showed up, we talked Elon Musk. ( As reported in the news.

facebook inc: Tpg-Axon Management Lp who had been investing in Facebook Inc for a number of months, seems to be less bullish one the 394.92B market cap company, according to MSNBC. The stock decreased 1.58% or 2.21 during the last trading session, reaching 137.42. The hedge fund held 38,100 shares of the technology company at the end of 2018Q2, valued at 7.40M, down from 73,200 at the end of the previous reported quarter. About 20.31M shares traded. FB has declined 6.34% since December 7, 2017 and is downtrending. Facebook, Inc. ( As reported in the news.

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